When Spoiled Little Boys Run America

The White House and the Congress have one monumental thing in common - spoiled little boys with big toys.

That is how 800,000 of our brothers and sisters across the nation got screwed out of their paychecks for 35 days, causing major problems like household food shortages, threats of evictions, and medical crises.

How many families pack their meals when they go on vacation, and pay on bills to make sure everything’s covered, and know exactly how much is going into what down to the penny, and look everywhere for discounts and coupons?

But what do the boys on the hills care? They have lofty paychecks – they make sure they give themselves pay raises when they deem fit – access to unlimited resources, and the power to enact policy to serve their own interests.

They can auto pay all their bills without every worrying about money to cover them, and put down their plastic at any restaurant, spa, country club, golf course, and luxury vacation getaway without skimping on any amenities.

They don’t have to shop for themselves. They have their own bathrooms and elevators where they work. They don’t have lunch or break limits, or have bosses micromanaging them, bragging about quarterly profits knowing that they are the only ones that will be receiving bonuses, telling their employees that their bonus is that they have jobs and that they should be grateful for that.

Politicians would argue that their bosses are the American people, but we all know that is flimsy rhetoric, and not even remotely true. Corporations would be their bosses, if they weren’t so comfortable sleeping with them.

No, elected officials in Washington, DC have it really good, and don’t let their donkey and elephant emotional outbursts on corporate media fool you. They are quite chummy behind closed doors.

So when they decide to shut the government down, it is all political theater to them. Besides, the powers that be are still getting paid, so what is to worry? All they have to do is put on a dog and pony show about standing up to principles, and the brokenness of government must end, and they feel the pain of the American people who are suffering, and it is unfair that 800,000 of our citizens are facing hardship.

Empathy without action is empty, and our cookie jars are spacious sans the cookie crumbs at the bottom.

Bottom Line: There would be no shutdown if it meant the spoiled little boys would not get paid either.

But who would make sure that happened. Them? They have no inclination for self-policing. Remember, they were close to shutting down the House Ethics Committee a few years back.

Like the late great independent journalist I.F. Stone once said, “All governments lie.” So to believe anything they are saying is credible, is to reinforce the American penchant for gullibility.

For politics is a religion, and belief is a drug, and we are the most medicated society in the world.

There will be no revolution against corporate greed, or government corruption, and there will be no substantial reform that will dismantle the gross hierarchal structure and create true equity, so long as there are spoiled little boys in power

Why? Because almost 400 years ago when there were a number of unsuccessful revolts against the status quo backed by the British monarchy who were oppressing the common people across the board, they devised a system to pit Irish, German, Dutch, and Anglo Saxon farmers, workers and indentured servants, enslaved and free Africans, and indigenous Native peoples against each other, as well as citizens against immigrants, and to create a racial hierarchy to ensure that revolts against them would never happen again.

And that system is still running extremely well-oiled and effective to this day.

Now when “We the People” need to, by referendum, end the executive and legislative branches’ ability to shut our government down for one second, we are too polarized to organize a massive effort to accomplish this.

For no politicians should ever have the capacity to shut the people’s government down – ever.

But with each new government cycle, we have players who represent parties of which the people have no real voice, make backroom deals of which we are never privy, and enact secret policies of which we have no idea until it affects us directly.

Simply put, the spoiled little boys have too much power, and they yield it too irresponsibly, and they have screwed the American people for far too long.

And now spoiled little boy Trump let the government reopen for three weeks, with the caveat if the other boys in the sandbox don’t give him the toys he wants, he will shut it down again, or declare a national emergency.

Thanks for nothing.

He has just kept 800,000 anxious minds going, praying that cooler heads prevail, and hoping that some sort of resolution will keep their paychecks going.

This is Rome. Rome will burn. The spoiled little boys won’t care. They’ll take their plastic elsewhere.



Ron Kipling Williams