Unite the Wrong

America was made for white folks. Then we all fought to make it for everyone.

We should not get it twisted by conflating history, this land was not made for you and me. But the human spirit will not allow it to be oppressed before it rises up to liberate itself.

The racial polarization in this country is happening because change is happening, and many want to resist it.

I’m not just taking about extreme folks like the Neo-Nazis and the KKK, I’m talking about ordinary, everyday people who sit in their single family homes, and rail against the shifting demographic makeup.

They dread the day when whites are in the minority.

Whether it actually happens or not, the mere bubbling of a brown population have many frightened. It’s whispered around the water cooler, and screamed in the man caves.

So while some may not go out into the streets and protest, and contribute to their campaigns and organizations, they are no less terrified of the perception of the disappearing white man.

Perhaps to them America was great before 1964.

There are degrees to everything, is what I am saying. Just because someone does not don a white cone hat, or goose step down a city street, does not mean the mentality is not there.

So when I witnessed the Unite the Right rally in Washington, DC this Sunday, I wasn’t focused solely on them. I was thinking about the ones who were not there, particularly the ones who are in policymaking positions.

It reminds me of the talk shows, staring with Phil Donahue, that placed white supremacists on their panels, and the white majority audiences would rail against them, articulating that they were not like THEM.

It is perhaps true that the majority of America is moderate, that we are not nearly as racist as we once were.

But I do not believe that people of color have truly been humanized on a mass level yet.

We are still a very segregated country. Some of it is natural; it is customary to culturally cluster. That is how we get Greektown, Chinatown, Little Italy, and so on. Many of us travel to those sections of town and enjoy their cuisine, customs, language, and wares.

So segregation within itself is not necessarily a bad thing. When it is intentional, and causes inequality, that becomes the issue, and the idea of extinction by integration is a ludicrous position for any white man to have, since the control over means of production still rests in their hands.

But here we go again. We’re talking about a class situation. We see over and over again how Trump plays to these guys, while he is raking in the media attention and cash. He has been doing it for 40 years, dangling the carrot to those who look like him, who will never be where he is.

That is how race was constructed in this country to begin with. In the late 1600’s began the propagation of the racial hierarchy, to keep poor and working class folks divided. It has worked like a well-oiled machine ever since.

And yet these working class white supremacists in 2018 are still being duped to believe they are losing their country, the brown and black people are multiplying like rabbits and will cause them to be extinct, and their history will eventually be completely erased, starting with the tumbling down of confederate statues.

I don’t know what it is like to have Confederate pride. I don’t understand how one could gloss over the institution of slavery and focus on the pre-Civil War southern way of life. I really don’t see how one can view the Third Reich with any such reverence. To me, it takes a sick, lost, or deeply disturbed mind.

It also takes conditioning, much like how families train their young to conform to their religion, political affiliation, class structure, and social ideology.

There are many films like American History X that chronicles this. The recent documentary Breaking Hate is hosted and narrated by Christian Picciolini, a former white supremacist whose mission is to reach out and heal those afflicted and bring them out of this destructive way of life.

These are young men who are hurting and challenged, and found a brotherhood that gave them everything they thought they needed. For some, they were about to get out and see how conditioned they were. Some may never get out.

These Dr. Frankensteins who create these reactionary young men are the bane of our existence. They are manufacturing monsters, who either will be rehabilitated or put down, which means hundreds of white men’s potential lost to drug addiction, violence the prison system, or death.

Some of them like Richard Spencer and David Duke have ascended to the land of the suit and tie, and a modicum of political influence. They want to bring these young men to the fold, but yet they support their activities. They are perpetrating the monsters with tiki torches, and the natives are fighting back.

We cannot tolerate this racist garbage on any level, despite our necessity to comprehend and provide a level of empathy that may turn some of this mentality, and consequently the hate and violence around. But make no mistake, as long as there is an America, there will be white supremacists, and contrary to Abraham Lincoln, we have been, and will always stand in a divided house.


Ron Kipling Williams