Trump Don't Give A F*@k About Americans

Kanye proclaimed in 2005 that POTUS Bush don’t give a fuck about black people after his palsy response to Hurricane Katrina.

Here we go again. Since December 22, 2018, 800,000 federal government employees haven’t been getting paid, and POTUS Trump don’t give a fuck about them.

Has anyone thought to ask Trump, did the affected employees agree to sacrifice their paychecks so you can get your border wall?

I would say no way they did. But the 45th President of the United States sat in the “People’s House” and did just that – for a border wall.

In every political battle, there is always collateral damage, and it is sickening to watch.

Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck, which means many of us are living a few paychecks away from living on the street. That is an undeniable reality that seems to escape the people that were hired to represent us.

How can an elected official look at someone in the face and tell them their confiscated paycheck is a necessary evil in the fight over a wall?

I guarantee you there would not be one more government shutdown if Congress had to go without a paycheck. Historically, they not only ensure they are paid on a regular basis, they vote for their own pay raises despite our economic crises, and constituents’ wages not keeping up with the cost of living.

Congress and the White House, as well as news personalities like Sean Hannity are selling this as a noble fight on principle. According to Trump, if we don’t have a wall, we don’t have a country. Really?

America built itself on crushing borders. Now with Native Americans in boxes called reservations, the federal government has given corporations the green light to develop everything from real estate to oil pipelines.

So indigenous people have no true sovereignty to anything. The little protections they have are always in peril.

As far as terrorism goes, which is always an appeal, as long as there are people, there’s going to be terrorism. There are threats every day, and has been proven, it hasn’t been solely brown people. There are more threats coming from the Canadian border than the Mexican border.

Russia has proven to be much more an imminent threat than a small cluster of low level Mexican drug dealers, but how often do you hear about Russian immigrants being deported?

Saudi Arabia has produced more terrorists in the Middle East – the 19 in the 9/11 attack the largest example – but America enjoys its relationship with them, and there is no Muslim ban for that nation.

Mexican and Latino people have been fleeing from corrupt governments, drug cartels, and the violence they produce for decades. Remember the War on Drugs enacted by Nixon in 1971? Yeah.

Let’s not forget the assassinations and overthrows of democratically elected leaders in Latin and South America by this government, from Chile to Honduras, and the ensuing instability all for the privitization of natural resources.

In the early 2000’s there were news reports about the browning of America, and some folks began panicking and pressing Congress and the White House to pass as many stringent immigration laws and giving ICE as much latitude as possible.

Is that the underlying motive that Trump has for border security? It is the conversation that no one on either side of the aisle, and in mainstream corporate media, is willing to have. Perhaps in the private homes of his voter and donor bases, they are.

Let’s be real. Though the engine of progress chugs forward, for many, the subtext of the slogan “Make America Great Again” is making America white again. For them, the pill of diversity has been too hard to swallow, and they are looking for an old remedy.

Mexicans have a long and rich history in America from politics, to sports, to entertainment, from legendary grassroots labor organizer Cesar Chávez, to comedian George Lopez, to boxer Oscar De La Hoya, to the newest generations like Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez.

As well as the millions of ordinary Mexican and Latin human beings across this nation who are hard-working, family-oriented, deeply religious (predominantly Catholic), law abiding, salt of the earth people.

But this is the same president who during his campaign accused our South of the Border friends – only some of them, of course – of being rapists, criminals, and an overall drain on the economy.

Yeah, the ones who work at the homes of some select wealthy politicians for low paying, under the table money are a real drain. Right.

Meanwhile said politicians are showing how serious they are about border security by denying 800,000 American workers their means to survive. Nice.

Security begins with ensuring that everyone has their basic needs met. That means all 800,000 federal government employees need to be paid so they can take care of their rent/mortgage, utility bills, child care, transportation, school – the things that make a sustainable household “for the American people.”

It is so tiring to hear the phrase, “We are a nation of immigrants” when we have this kind of nefariousness going on. Then again, for centuries the powers-that-be have successfully pushed the “immigrants are the problem” narrative continually to the masses, and then sat back and watched them pit themselves against each other.

It is up to us to rid the entire neoclassical building underneath the Statue of Freedom, and the house on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue of this toxic ideology, and replace them with elected officials that give a fuck about everybody.

Ron Kipling Williams