The Vow of Impunity

The Pennsylvania District Attorney’s Office revealed this week what we have all known for decades, that priests have been sexual abusing young boys and girls, and the Vatican has been covering it up for years.

I say the Vatican because of its astronomical power in global affairs, its tentacles into everything, and its capacity to move and shift clergy around at will.

They have exercised with impunity the massive cover ups with the unflinching loyalty of its millions of followers, even to this day. The revelations will not unveil the Catholic industrial complex as being anything less than holy and mighty, despite some damaging numbers to some of its parishes.

Vatican City is untouchable.

How an institution can impose vows of chastity on its loyal clergy, and it would not turn into anything but dysfunctional is beyond the logic and reason. It has been documented that a significant number of clergy have adult consensual relationships. This is where once again a religion fails in its zest to control its minions. And the flock always suffers.

I know there are some that would love to see the Catholic Church crumble to its knees. That is a fantasy that will never come to pass. Constantine ensured its meteoric rise, and the Conference of Nicaea solidified the world’s messiah for thousands of years to come. With the staunch support of states worldwide, the trifecta is granite form.

What’s more tragic is that most of these cases are expired due to the statute of limitations, which really means that the victims do not name their accusers until they are adults. Twenty years seems to be an adequate time limit regarding due process, but is it? Perhaps the legal system needs to reevaluate this in order to bring a semblance of justice, and for the perpetrators to be held accountable.

Can the Order itself be brought to justice? Again, the protection is too thick and the resources are too vast for there to be a remote possibility of bringing the Vatican to justice. What will continue to happen will be the prosecution of the low hanging fruit, with the feeble promises from Rome that these nefarious acts will not happen again under their watch?

How can the Vatican reel in something that is a worldwide phenomenon, something of which has been a deep part of their own culture? It does not matter how progressive a Pope becomes, it is the holy wall of defense when it comes to rooting out what has been in the veins since its inception.

Meanwhile the carnage piles up, and the victims’ lives are forever destroyed, with a few true survivors in between. It is outrageous, blood boiling, and makes the dismantling of that whole corrupt machine not worth losing an ounce of sleep over. The devotees can still have their faith, and can pray at home.

Besides, the kingdom of heaven, as was said, is within us.



Ron Kipling Williams