Self Portrait 2.0 By Ron Kipling Williams

I am a complex, flawed human being with the capacity to do good things. This is how I define
myself at this moment, the time of which I cannot control, but of my existence I can.
I am endeavoring to release myself of all certainty about myself and the world, even though
I have accumulated a wealth of opinions regarding both. I am well steeped in contradiction. I am
grounded in moral and ethical principles, and fall short many times upon their execution. I am
an emotional, irrational human being, striving to observe myself and the world through the lens
of logic and reason. I believe I am right, yet I know I am wrong. There is nothing that gives me
credibility as an objective participant in this reality beyond those around me who say that I have.
I have value, but I am un-absolute. I have grown to become more malleable, yet my conflict
resides within my penchant for rigidity. I state my art with conviction, knowing it is subject to
criticism that may change it at any time. I am dedicated to act in the mending of this world while
aware of my un-stitched wounds. I comprehend my agency while acknowledging at times a lack
of confidence in it – which is tied to the outcomes of my life and those around me. I possess a
lion’s strength, and a butterfly’s fragility. I am everything that was and nothing that will be. I am
firm in this finite body, yet nothing more than materials subject to infinity. I am who I am –
nothing, and everything.

Ron Kipling Williams