Masturbation Education Begins at Home

You want to reduce to teenage pregnancy? Teach your children about self-pleasure. Yes, talk to them about masturbation. Yes, I know it is highly controversial, something of which many would strenuously object. But as with everything in regards to children, it begins in the home.

When I was 15, my father said to me, “Now I know that you are going to start drinking, so I want you to learn how to do it here.” He walked into the dining room and opened his long cabinet of liquor bottles, and made me a screwdriver. We sat in the living room and consumed our adult beverages. After a while he asked me, “Are you buzzed yet?” He sounded so clinical that I felt more weird than buzzed. But I appreciated what he did. I never had the urge to sneak around and drink, because I already knew what to do, and there were only a few times that I actually got drunk, and I never drove home that way. So, if you don’t want your child to get into trouble with drinking, teach them how to drink responsibly, and don’t wait until they are 18. They’re not.

He also gave me sex education talks at an early age. By the time I was a pre-teen, I had a pretty good working knowledge of sex, and my self-pleasuring ensued. My parents were not embarrassed, never made me feel that way, so neither was I. As a result, I never put myself in any regrettable and/or life altering situations. I could take care of myself when needed.

Children’s hormones start budding around 9 or 10, and by the time they are 13 or 14, they are humming. They are confused because they still behave as children, but their bodies are changing in some different ways. They are horny and silly at the same time.

But what do adults do? Threaten them with bodily harm if they come home pregnant. Some who are religious preach to them about abstinence. Our puritanical society tells them that their bodies are dirty, and they should always cover up. Boys will be boys, and girls are sluts if they give it up. There are so many messages, both straight and mixed, all of which are dangerous, and none of it is educational.

They need to understand their bodies, and what they can do to pleasure themselves, so they will be able to satisfy those urges without running to the first warm body they see in public. Plus, if parents teach children their bodies are beautiful, and all the parts they possess are there for a reason, and it is perfectly natural to explore them, they will have a very healthy sense of self.

Children are much smarter than parents give them credit for, and they can smell bullshit a mile away. So if parents don’t tell them the straight dope, they are going to walk away more confused than ever, and maybe resentful as well.

Parents, you need to talk to their children about ways in which they can pleasure themselves. Show them videos – they can watch on their own if you are uncomfortable watching with them, which you shouldn’t if you do the same thing. The more you are involved the better.

That’s one of the real points, isn’t it? Parents are the ones who are the most uncomfortable when it comes to talking about sex and pleasure with their children. Why? Because they were taught to be uncomfortable themselves, and parents can only do what they were taught, unless they make a decision to do otherwise.

Look, you can object all you want, that you believe it will lead to harmful behaviors, and that they will go down some nymphomanical path, but all of that is irrational thinking. Children appreciate when they are taught at home, which builds trust between them and parents. If you want your children to come to you for anything, take the initiative.

But, as long as our society pushes the mixed narrative that the human body is dirty and should be covered up, yet advertises it to sell products, that giving pleasure to someone else is good but pleasuring oneself is bad, and talking to parents is critical until they become uncomfortable and shut down, we are going to continue to have a lot of horny, confused young people looking for answers, validation, and relief.

Your hands are your friends. They will never give you diseases or get you pregnant, and you can do it as often as you want, in the privacy of your own home, and in the process relieve a lot of stress. Adults spend millions of dollars each year both at the brick and mortar novelty stores and online for such products that will aid us in our self-pleasuring.

What’s good for us as adults is certainly good for our youth. Help them achieve all the validation they need – emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and yes, physically – so they won’t be dangerously seeking it from others between the hours of 3pm and 6pm.

Ron Kipling Williams