God is Non-Binary

Does God have a penis?

There has been an ongoing public debate in modern secular societies over what gender God is, with theocratic leaders and their flock referring to their holy scriptures as empirical evidence.

Their ancient texts refer to God as “He”, and the “Father” thus male. Yet, in none of those pages is there a physical description of God, who said “I am that I am”. In a quest to secure their patriarchy, the male writers created the gender specific version of the Omnipotent One, and in later generations, artists painted white men floating on clouds.

Many people, predominantly females, in an effort to uproot patriarchy, reclaim God as female. Besides, how can a man give birth to creation? It is through the womb that all things are created. Men engage in only a portion of its cycle.

We are so enculturated into the male deified context, it would be impossible for many of us to ascribe to the female gender version of God. I believe however, that if God exists within our finite context, it (not in the inanimate object sense of the word) would be genderless. Logically speaking, how can something not have a physical form and have a gender simultaneously? It is impossible.

But this is the age old struggle for humans to construct a God in their image, and lay claim to it as if it were their possession, actually believing that God craves their love and devotion despite being flawed creatures that God just somehow never gets around to fixing so they can be perfect in “His” eyes.

So as we deconstruct this human image of God, the question persists. Does God have a gender or not?

There has been a growing population of people who have claimed the freedom and latitude to identify as non-binary – not identifying as neither male or female.

There are those who object to this, pointing to the biological science of humans to assert that our species is structured either male or female, that although there are anomalies, overall this is the case.

I wonder is there something else at play here? Perhaps those who object to non-binary identification also are holding onto the notion that God is binary, and that “He” would not create non-binary humans.

That, my friends, is a logical fallacy.

That would denote that God is a being, which means “He” is finite. Therefore that would oppose every single notion that God could be everywhere and be the image of each and every human on this planet – I do not see how God has seven billion images if in fact we are made in “His” image.

I have a paucity of biological scientific knowledge, so I dare not step even my toe into that conversation. I will assert that there is no empirical evidence regarding the makeup of God, so I would conclude that God is neither male nor female, and therefore if anything within our finite context, is naturally non-binary.

Ron Kipling Williams