Dirty Bomb Sex (Explicit Language)


From the upcoming book How Many Orgasms Does It Take to Stop Dropping Bombs?

We live in a puritanical society where people constantly talk about how dirty sex is. What is dirtier than a bomb?

If bombs are self-defense against the enemy, why wouldn’t orgasms be self-defense?

Orgasms relieve stress, pain, and depression. Bombs create stress, pain, and depression. Orgasms bring people and relationships together. Bombs tear people and relationships apart.

Politicians know this. They have many elicit affairs during their terms in office. They are never short in accumulating orgasms. Yet they have no qualms bombing the shit out of another country. What is the difference? Bombing is about power. I have the power to destroy you. They also exercise their power – sometimes pressuring – to have sex with interns, lobbyists and other assorted participants in politics.

There was a huge uproar about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, principally because he lied about it under oath. Now, now Bill.

But like Hollywood, these kinds of affairs with politicians are an open secret, and are as frequent as squirrels getting nuts, pun intended.

You think Arnold Weiner and Eliot Spitzer are anomalies? No. They were ones that got caught. We are in 21st century Rome. Everybody’s banging everybody.

Yes there are scrupulous and ethical politicians. Yes, your senator and congress people are most definitely some of them – as far as you know.

And Harvey Weinstein? Hollywood is the west coast Bang Central, and their secrets are as open as Capitol Hill.

Maybe the problem is that we have this schizophrenic ideal about monogamy, and we shove it down everyone’s throats, justifying it with religion and moral values.

Maybe if folks were much more open about sex, polyamory, pornography, then we would be less stressed, in pain, and depressed.

Give your kids birth control. They’re going to need it. They’re fucking right now. You’re just in denial. Abstinence, though ideal, is unrealistic. That’s perpetrated by people who engage in conversion therapy, prosperity gospels, and fear of the body. If you properly educate young people, they will be empowered to act in their own best interests. Don’t insult their intelligence by talking about no sex before marriage. That has nothing to do with morality. That’s about women being property, which is marriage’s original purpose.                                                                                           

Once again it’s about power and control. And what do men do when they are trying to get it and keep it. They bomb the shit out of things and people. Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and so on. Truman was a little boy that got picked on, so he took it out on Japan. Habitants to this day are suffering because of his nefarious deeds. It’s very telling how many call him a hero to this day.

Maybe if Truman got some early enough in his life, he would not have been such an eager bomb pusher.

Then again, Trump apparently has orgasms coming out of his whatever, and he has no problem pushing bomb buttons.

According to research, men who have high levels of success have equally high sexual libidos. Power hungry motherfuckers with hard dicks are unrelenting in their pursuit of showing their might.

No one accused Hugh Heffner of being power hungry. Or was he?

What about harmony?

I never had a problem with pornography. I understand there does exist porn addiction. Apparently, people’s lives have been ruined by pornography, particularly men. It’s a real thing. I also understand that boys perception of lovemaking have been shaped by it. We can say this because pornography is patriarchal, though women make more money than men doing it – which is probably the only profession where women do. That’s ironic. The nobler professions of women pay them less. So is sex beneficial? Yes. Is it fair? No. Nothing is fair in a patriarchal system. But, we’re not talking about what is fair. We’re talking about what fares over the other – sex or war.

Also, men are more vulnerable in regards to sex, so it bothers them more. War allows them to play guns, beat their chest, and be the heroes they aspire to be. It allows them to play those war games for real. It allows them to be the bullies on the block, in ways they weren’t allowed to before.

Even their sex can be violent, keeping their guards up, as if they are in a boxing ring, ready to pound their sex mate. It is a bitter grain – a way to release their angst, and objectify women at the same time.

It is hard, rude, and horrifying. What is worse than that?

The reality is everyone is objectified – whether it is modeling, acting, or whatever else involves millions of dollars.

The reality is that everyone shares pleasure and inflicts pain – we all facilitate orgasms and bombs.

The reality is that we are all engaging in dirty bomb sex – a human slop of ecstasy and agony. Sometimes we arrive in formal wear, other times we are in grunge gear. Make no mistake, no one gets out of here clean.

Ron Kipling Williams